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Eco-friendly bags, pouches, beanies and some earrings... 

Let's together make the world a better place, one handmade product at a time! 

Now put on your beanies and go out into the wonderful winter!

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Paras kaveri  kevätaurinkoisille hangille ja kaduille on Hiilun käsinneulottu kutiamaton kevätpipo. Se on tehty langasta jossa on 70% modalia ja 30 % merinovillaa!


Unique and handmade earrings by Hiilu bring fun and style  for all ears.

Just choose big or small.

With hooks or studs


HiiluDesign makes sturdy and durable handbags of recycled materials, used jeans and other reloved fabrics.  Bags come different forms and sizes .

Take along anything from your dance shoes to knitting and wine bottles in the Lilli Tote. Made of  hand dyed 100% cotton with a unique printed picture.

Handy pouches from recycled fabrics 

and scraps are always needed! For transporting everything necessary and unnecessary.


The FRU tango dress collection is made for those of us who need a little more space for our lovely busts and butts,

You can get your FRU tango clothes where you need them! Sold in Tangoroom at el Atico.
Dresses will be sold also at Tango Club milongas and events. Check Tango Club Helsinki for their schedules.

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