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Hiilu's story

Hiilu is a small one-woman craft business that was founded initially because of silver jewelry. The name also comes from the way silver first glows brightly when it's hot and then smolders when it cools down.

Since the price of silver has risen over time, I have started making jewelry from other materials, currently  shrink plastic and polymer clay. 

From the very beginning, Hiilu's selection also included recycled fabric products, bags and pouches, and as the latest newcomer, Fru tango clothes, which are made for those of us who need sleeves and maybe a little more room for the stomach and butt.

Behind ideas for textile products is often the question: would you make me...

In Hiilu's products, I always think carefully about usability, for example, the Minni bag perfectly fits high heels, a change of shirt and a make-up bag...


Hiilu's fabric products are mainly made from materials that have already been used once, such as used jeans, old men's shirts and other Uffari treasures. 

Fru tango clothes are a new material because they are sports clothes, where washability and flexibility are essential aspects.

The materials for the clothes are mostly scraps and other  flea market treasures. We also try to cut them as sparingly as possible from the fabric, and make them as carefully as possible so that they can withstand use. 

The leather bags are made from old leather jackets, and their linings are made from recycled cotton fabric.

The earrings mainly use polymer mass, which is primarily PVC plastic. However, it is a   durable material.

Hopefully Hiilu's jewelry will remain in use for a long time and continue 

if necessary, travel to another owner, and do not end up as waste. Used/broken jewelry can also be returned to Hiilu either as parts for new earrings, or so that they end up in proper waste.
The pulp pieces generated in the work process are reused. 


Hiilu's products are delivered in a paper envelope or cardboard box.
Either tissue paper, newsprint or recycled bubble wrap as padding.


We try to produce as little waste as possible. 

All generated waste is sorted and taken to the designated points.

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