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Hiilu's story

Käsintehtyjä pipoja, kasseja ja pussukoita  joiden kanssa voi elää
niinkuin pienellä planeetalla pitääkin: silleen siivosti.

Hiilu is a small one-woman craft business that was founded initially because of silver jewelry. The name also comes from the way silver first glows brightly when it's hot and then smolders when it cools down.

Since the price of silver has risen over time, I have started making jewelry from other materials, currently  shrink plastic and polymer clay. 

From the very beginning, Hiilu's selection also included recycled fabric products, bags and pouches, and as the latest newcomer, Fru tango clothes, which are made for those of us who need sleeves and maybe a little more room for the stomach and butt.

Behind ideas for textile products is often the question: would you make me...

In Hiilu's products, I always think carefully about usability, for example, the Minni bag perfectly fits high heels, a change of shirt and a make-up bag...

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